Top This Rollapaluza Cadence?…Fugetabout It!

One of the more entertaining niches of our sport is Rollapaluza. When they have their championships it looks like someone mated a singles bar to a bowling alley.

There’s no sense in me wasting my keyboard breath trying to describe it. I’ll let this video do the job.

Here’s how a kingpin rollapaluza combatant describes it. “Danzel’s great video of our latest event: Rollapaluza XI “Kingspin” the richest and biggest roller-race of modern times with 85 competitors and …”

In case it isn’t clear why people are pedaling like crazy while everyone else in the bar are trying to ‘meet people’, let me explain. The objective is to see how fast a guy can turn the rollers for 500 meters.

But what’s any of that have to do with the title to this blog post, ‘Top This Rollapaluza Cadence…Fugetabout It!?

Well, that comes from having been exposed to the following video of Craig Mclean’s world record in Rollapaluza.

Now, those man-legs are spinning!

Don’t forget to bring your bike to the bowling alley bar…in case a rabid bout of Rollapaluza spontaneously breaks out.

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