What’s The CycleOps Super Magneto Pro Have That The Magneto Lacks?

CycleOps Super Magneto Pro Bike TrainerWhen the CycleOps Magneto hit the market it was the first mag trainer that altered it’s resistance level without the rider having to do anything.  This was big news.

All of the other mag trainers demanded that the cyclist change the resistance levels by hand.  The cyclist  had to either dismount and change the setting back at the trainer itself…or on the ‘fancy’ models the change of resistance levels could be accomplished using a lever on the handlebars that attached to the trainer via a cable.

But the Magneto uses centrifugal force to spin the rare earth magnets away from center…thereby increasing the resistance level without any rider involvement whatsoever.  This is called ‘progressive resistance’.

The Super Magneto Pro takes it one step further.

CycleOps Magneto resistance chart

CycleOps Super Magneto Power Curves

In addition to the ‘automatic’ variation that the Magneto provides,  the Super Magneto rider can choose between four distinct power curves.  These are the…

  1. easy setting
  2. flat road setting
  3. interval setting
  4. climbing setting

What we’re essentially talking about here is combining the progressive resistance feature with the ‘dial your preferred level’ that other mag trainers offer.

You can see the distinct power level curves on the graph above.

Another feature that the Super Magneto offers is a flywheel that’s designed with most of it’s weight toward the outside, resulting in the maximum amount of inertia.  This translates into a smoother ride since it takes more to ‘spin up’ the trainer…just like out on the road.

I think you’ll benefit from seeing it all on this video…after all, in spite of my extraordinary descriptive skills this blog post may be as clear as mud.


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