CycleOps Magneto- The Only Mag Trainer With Progressive Resistance

I’ve been doing a whole bunch of bike trainer reviews lately, and one model that’s caught my eye is the CycleOps Magneto bike trainer.

CycleOps Magneto resistance chartCycleOps has been a quality company for years, but the inherent design flaws in magnetic (mag) trainers has relegated their mag trainers to second fiddle.  Fluid trainers, rather than mag trainers  have always been the way to go for a quieter, more realistic ride.

But in the CycleOps Magneto bike trainer, we may now have a less costly trainer for those who aren’t necessarily looking  to shell out top dollar to get some indoor fitness.

CycleOps touts the Magneto as being the first and only mag trainer that offers ‘progressive resistance’.

In all other mag trainers you need to change the resistance manually.  This usually requires the rider to get off their bike to change the setting on the resistance unit of the trainer.  Howard Dean and his minions would label this ‘conservative resistance’ rather than ‘progressive resistance’.

If you’ve purchased one of  the higher-end mag trainer models you can change the resistance setting using a lever you’ve attached to your handlebars. But one way or another, all other mag trainers need some help from the cyclist.

The design of the Magneto uses centrifugal force to move the magnets further away from center the faster the rider pedals.  This shift in the position of the magnets causes the resistance to increase progressively without the rider having to shift any lever, or worse yet…having to dismount and remount the bike.

The following video does a great job of demonstrating what I’ve feebly tried to describe, complete with a cut-away view of the resistance unit.  So if you’re not wanting to ‘pony up’ for one of the top notch fluid trainers like the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine, you might consider the CycleOps Magneto bike trainer.

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