Winter Riding’s Here, No Denying It Now!

That dreadful season of dark and cold’s on us now.

Daylight savings has ended.

Every year I wonder what good there is to be had by letting those clocks ‘fall back’.

Sure, it’s lighter in the morning, but crap…for people with real jobs, we now have months of getting off work in the dark to look forward to.

I’ve heard it said that we turn the clocks back so that the little children don’t have to go to school in the dark.  But, in a country which is rapidly losing it’s appetite for hardship and adversity, maybe pushing the little fellers (and fellerettes) out into the cold abyss each morning would have it’s merits.

It’s the least the youngsters could do, so that us cyclists could squeak in a ride after work.

I’m  not sure if I’m remembering this right, but it may be during President George W. Bush’s reign that daylight savings time was extended a couple of weeks both in the spring and in the fall.  His detractors are sure to assign evil intent to such a move on his part, but I’m willing to overlook a multitude of sins in exchange for such a magnanimous gesture.

I don’t think he did it to give Haliburton or Enron an advantage over their competitors.  I think he did it to make my cycling experiences after work more enjoyable.

He hasn’t really called me lately to see how it’s working out.  But then again he’s been busy practicing to throw out the first pitch at the World Series.

A task he accomplished handsomely in the light of the day…or was that under stadium lights?

I don’t remember…I just remember that the Giants won.

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How about you folks…do you have any dark season coping strategies?

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