Is A Special Bike Trainer Tire Necessary?

Like it or not, it’s getting to be the season (for a lot of us) to pull out the bike trainer. And something you may need to consider is a special bike trainer tire.


The big answer is reduced tire wear and the little answer is reduced noise.

Bike trainer tires are manufactured using special rubber blends which are made to wear longer, but not made to necessarily grip the pavement. I’ve used tires on the opposite end of the spectrum and found myself shopping for a new expensive road tire entirely before I should have had to.

I remember one training session that rubbed about half the rubber off my expensive Michelin Pro Race tire in the course of 45 minutes. I knew I was getting a lot of ‘slippage’, but stupidly thought that my Kurt Kinetic trainer was failing. Somehow, my muddled mind came to the conclusion that the coupling between the flywheel and the impeller was failing.

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What was really failing was the interface between my overpriced tire and the roller.
I hadn’t tightened it up sufficiently and when the I finished there were little bits of rubber all over the tile floor. Hmmm.

“I wonder where all that rubber debris came from?”

By then my soft rubber road tire had become a flattened version of its former self. I don’t mean that it’d gone flat. It’d developed the flat profile characteristic of a tire that had gone down the road for hundreds of miles, all within the time span of watching a ‘who done it’ crime show.

So…it’s my advise to invest in a bike trainer tire made of the type of rubber that’ll make it through the winter, instead of merely through a couple episodes of ‘Law and Order’.

I read about one guy who blew out the sidewalls of two of his tires because he wasn’t using a bike trainer tire, but I’m not sure what that was all about. I know that manufactures of these tires claim that they disperse heat better than road bike tires, so maybe his blowouts were the result of heat buildup.

Oh yeah, just to state the obvious…trainer tires don’t have much in the way of tread. That feature in and of itself will reduce tire wear, heat buildup, and the last feature they’re good for…
bike trainer tire

A bike trainer tire creates less noise!

Once again, getting back to the ‘Law and Order’ theme…you’ll have less need to turn the volume up to ear drum piercing levels if your tire isn’t ‘humming’ on the roller.

As an aside, I ride on my trainer with a Powertap wheel. Looks like I’ll be changing tires when I bring the whole ‘bike riding three ring circus’ into the living room.

As if I need something more to do before going for an enjoyable bike ride.

Then again, who am I fooling?

Enjoying myself…while sweating it out in the living room…on my bike trainer…with my special bike trainer tire recently put onto my Powertap wheel…is a bit of an oxymoron.

The whole enterprise sounds to me like a pain in the butt.

If you’re looking for a good deal on a bike trainer tire, you can get a high quality ‘Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Home Trainer Tire’ here.

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