Time Trial Mirror Needed…Right Now!

I was just reading about the new skinsuit made by Pearl Izumi for Garmin Transitions. The suit has been made of some magic ‘aero-slippery’ material for a few years now, but this year’s version added a new dimension…
garmin skinsuit
It’s designed to make the time trial rider look (and fly) like Rocky The Flying Squirrel.

By making the skinsuit tight, and by adding material under the armpits as well as across the chest, air coming off of the arms and chest flows more smoothly and doesn’t create the eddies that rob the cyclist of aerodynamic efficiency.

But Is It All For Naught?

While reading of this near-scandalous skinsuit development over at VeloNews.com, one of the reader’s comments caught my attention.

He rightfully noted that it’s rather foolish for so much effort to go into skinsuit development when riders can’t even keep their head in a proper aero position for the duration of the ride.

And do you know why they can’t?

Because it’s about as easy to keep your head up in that neck-cramping position as it is to get through a revolving door with a surfboard.

Keeping my head up while in an aggressive time trial position gets to be as painful as keeping my massive thighs pumping at pavement melting speeds.

I Need A Mirror…And So Does Alberto!

What I need is a little mirror somewhere between the extensions of my aero bars. The mirror would be angled so that I could see ahead of me while keeping my head DOWN.

I know that it’d be awkward, but if truck drivers can back up those big rigs while using only their mirrors…I can develop ‘mirror-steering’ skills too!

Come to think of it, I did have decent periscope talents back in the days of my youth.

…And submarine-steering sailors do well with mirrored gadgets as well.

For those of you who think this is some trivial matter…get on one of those TT bikes (set in an aggressive posture; not the casual set-ups used by cyclists who are only pretending to be time trialists).

Then you’ll know that neck pain may indeed exceed quad pain when going all out in a time trial.

Check out this picture…even Contador has to lower his head at times, creating ‘helmet drag’.

What if Alberto Contador could just keep his head down the entire ride, steering with the Dr. Ron’s innovative time trial mirror?

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