Dog ‘Nip’ Anger Sparks Interest In CycloCross Techniques

There isn’t a whole lot of logic to the whole event…

I was on my mountain bike circumnavigating our local lake on my mountain bike.

I approached a lady and her dog having a delightful frolic in the water.

I decided to be ‘nice’ and not give the elderly woman a heart attack by ‘goin off’ on her dog when he came running toward me.

I extended my hand in friendship to the sucker (the dog, not the lady…but who knows, maybe she wasn’t as pleasant as she seemed to be either).

The dog got within my personal safe zone, and was the first canine in 39 years of running and cycling to get his teeth into me (a mere ‘nip’, but I’ve now been violated and I’ll no longer feel comfortable wearing virgin-white to formal events).

I continued to keep my anger under control, not wanting to unleash my usual red faced dog-rage in the company of another human being (who knows, I may want to run for mayor some day…and with all of these videos coming out of cell phones and making their way onto You Tube).

I finished the ride around the lake with ‘mad enthusiasm’, dismounting and remounting over creeks, barriers, and sandbars.

But with all of the getting off of and onto the bike while trying to keep my ‘angry’ up, I resolved to watch a few You Tube clips on Cyclocross techniques so that my future rides would be smooth and warrior-like.

Although it’s hard to envision the Lycra-clad cyclists in this clip as the fierce, foul-breathed savages I’m determined to emulate, this video by Former cyclocross National Champion, and renowned coach, Clark Natwick will have to suffice…I couldn’t find a clip featuring a cyclist getting off and on his bike with a major league sized baseball bat in his back pocket.

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