Any Secret To Going Uphill, Besides Grunting?

My first reaction to any ‘advice’ regarding the best way to go uphill on a bike is to scoff and strut around the room manly-style. After all, it’s all about taking the pain without whimpering and crying, isn’t it?

That’s mostly right, and I know that the majority of cyclists know that getting uphill is largely a matter of ‘sucking it up’.

On the other side of the spectrum, I suppose there are those riders who’re looking for a magic pill to get up the climb…just as there are chubby people who’re looking to shed forty pounds by detoxing themselves and ridding themselves of fecal matter they’ve been harboring for the last 20 years.

As an aside, people in the ‘detox group’ are the only people I know of who’re hoping to be full of crap.

Back to the subject at hand…namely climbing.

There are a few tips, besides ‘manning up’ to be learned.

One of them is to keep the upper body as relaxed as possible. I’m currently trying to get in the habit of relaxing my face and jaw when the pain really starts to bore into me. Same goes for my arms and the force with which I’m gripping the handlebars.

If your face is contorting in a mask of agony, and every sinew in your forearms and biceps is visible, you aren’t doing too well with the ‘relax your upper body’ routine. Same goes for any ‘white knuckle’ grabbing of the handlebars.

Why waste calories tightening up the face muscles, when that energy could be better used in the quads?

Ever wonder if it’s best to take the steep inside line of a hairpin turn rather than the less steep, outside line?

Well, you’ll get some helpful advice regarding getting up a mountain from a cycling pro in the following video…

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