Tour de France Tough On

The Cycling-review blog took a monumental dive during the Tour de France. You’d think that this blogger’d be inspired enough to blog, blog, blog.

Not so.

It seems all cycling energy was channeled toward affixing my buttocks to our lumpy sofa…watching Versus with Phil and Paul commentating.

The tour was very entertaining and because we have DVR, and we’re able to fast forward through the commercials, I was able to sooth my aching conscious (‘Get your sorry gluts off the couch, Mr. Potatobutt and write something on your blog for the hairy unwashed to read’) by fooling myself into thinking that I wasn’t wasting too much time in spectator mode.

After all, I was only wasting spending two hours a day watching other guys ride, not three.

Visions Of Past Glory

Well, I’m back to the keyboard and onto my bike again. In a queer twist of laziness fate, even my riding suffered from the grand tour. Not so much that I’ll have to revert back to bike-balancing lessons, but enough that my conditioning’ll need a boost.

Maybe it was a good thing, since my riding ambition had been waning lately anyway. Sometimes a break from constantly hammering the road is what’s needed to re-ignite the cycling fires within.

As you can assume by reading this blog post-patheticus, it’s not always easy to get momentum after a long lay-off.

Same goes for getting back to training…but I’m confident that I’ll make it around the block- it’s not very far, and I can stop for a breather if I need to.

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