Cadel Evans’ ‘Stand On Your Head’ TT bike

Greg Lemond Tour de France

Lemond On Primitive TT Bike

The Specialized Shiv that Contador, Schleck, and anyone else riding Specialized bikes at the tour got a lot of attention for its innovation and aerodynamic slipperiness.

And rightly so.

After all, it was only as recently as 1989 that Greg Lemond’s totally revolutionary ‘aero’ bike had the members of the French press wadding up their panties and choking on their baguettes.

Lemond used the primitive aero bike in this picture to beat Laurent Fignon by 8 seconds in the Tour.

Laurent Fignon 1989 Time Trial

Fignon Relies On Receding Hairline For Aero Effect

So when we find out that the Specialized Shiv has ‘hidden’ rear brake calipers, cables within the tubing of the frame, and an assortment of other great innovations, we go gah gah.

The BMC Time Machine’s Got The Front End To Beat All Front Ends

But check out the BMC Time Machine front end that allowed Cadel Evans to ride the time trial while standing on his head!

Now that’s what I call a radical front end. Armed with such innovation, Cadel’s elbows are as low as the top tube.

It’s as crazy and intriguing as a good limbo contest.

“Ian” Discusses Last Year’s BMC Time Machine

While this video isn’t about Cadel’s exact 2010 BMC Time Machine, it’s very interesting regarding the extreme lengths to which the bike companies are going in order to produce the best time trial bikes that money can buy.

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