Kona Coast Vacation On Ironman Cycling Route

The entire Cycling-review.com editorial staff and support personel are currently spending some time just north of Kona on the BIG island. Just to clarify, that would be yours truly and my family.

I bring it up to draw attention to myself the fact that we’re traveling too and fro along the bike route of the Ironman (and woman) cycling course.

If you were an elitist snob cyclist who wanted to discourage others from taking up the sport of cycling (maybe you don’t want to ‘share the road’ with other cyclists) this is the stretch of road you’d recommend to beginners. Not because it’s hard.

Because it’s butt ugly.

Kona coast donkey crossing

Highlight Of The Ironman Course

It’s windy, entirely blah, and it’s cut through one lava bed after another. On the 25 mile stretch that we’ve been motoring over, the highlight is the ‘donkey crossing’ sign.

Other observations…

The shoulders of the road are VERY wide, no doubt one of the reasons that this stretch of road is chosen for the Ironman. For comparison, the narrow roads south of Kona featured two pretty knarly auto accidents yesterday. Complete with ambulances, tow trucks, police cars, etc.

There is a nearly unanimous choice of time trial bikes on this stretch of road. Even if the overweight biker’s sagging abdomen touches the top bar, it’s still the tt position for the merry cyclists.

Anywho…it’s nice to be here.

It’ll also be nice to get home to Mount Shasta for some gorgeous riding in country more to my liking.

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