Economists Should Consult With

NEWSFLASH, this just in…

“We fear that the appetite to buy a home has disappeared alongside the tax credit”, Paul Dales, U.S. economist with Capital Economics, wrote in a note. “After all, unemployment remains high, job security is low and credit conditions are tight.”

Paul (I’m pulling down a fat salary) Dales has concluded what we at have been noticing for quite a while now…consumer spending is DOWN.

How do we know? Well the number of readers who’re clicking on those annoying little Google ads (like the one to the left) is down. And that’s because there’s less discretionary income within the ranks of the cyclists. And even when the little ads are clicked, the amount that the advertisers are paying per click is DOWN.

The readership is higher than ever, but that’s only translating into an income stream equal to that of a hairy-unwashed panhandler who pledges to ‘work for food’.

As an aside…

I’d like to see a panhandler sign that reads…

‘To heck with the food, I’d just like to buy some smokes- digging cigarette butts out of ashtrays insults my self-esteem.’

And as for the little income stream that we get from steering readers to deals at Nashbar, Performance Bike, Amazon,and other stores…well that’s DOWN too!

So…we’re waiting out the sagging economy.

In the meantime, if any of the geniuses in the government need to know what the economy’s doing they can call world headquarters at 530 555-5555 to check how I’m doing with my cardboard sign on the corner of Trek and Cannondale.

What about you? Are you buying as much cycling gear as you were two years ago?

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