We Need A Peloton Of Chainsaw Wielding Road Bike Riders

South Siskiyou County is in need of that rare individual who’s part lumberjack (firewood cutters will do) and part road bike rider. It’s not a very common combination.

Lumberjacks usually wear red plaid flannel shirts. They drive diesel trucks sporting lift kits and decals of their brand of truck urinating on the other guy’s brand of truck. But, they also carry around chainsaws.

Road Bike riders in Siskiyou county are currently hemmed in by a crap load plethora of fallen trees. The cyclist’s have the desire to open up the back-country, but to be honest about it, don’t have the skill-set needed to cut and haul all of the trees blocking the roads. It’s not that they aren’t manly enough to handle trees, it’s just that they’re…….well, I don’t know what it is…….

Almost Got To ‘Second Bridge’ Today

I just got back from a ride up to what we call the ‘second bridge’.

Shasta Pedali people know that it’s the second bridge (at Forest Service milepost 6) up the Southfork of the Upper Sacramento River. Riders who come to our area to suffer while riding the Mount Shasta Summit Century know it as the second climb, along a gorgeous river gorge, out of the four climbs that make this century ride legendary.

As an aside, as if this whole post isn’t a pathetic aside I just looked at the Summit Century page and they’re quoting Bicycling magazine as calling the Summit Century “The Road to Heaven”.


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But back to the story.

I got within .38 of a mile of the second bridge before I had to dismount and trudge through snowdrifts in my funky cycling shoes. I felt like Peter Pan trespassing into the domain of the Northface mountaineering crew.

What we need are some chainsaws up there, because…beside the snow obstacle, I was also lifting my bike over fallen trees.

And why aren’t the rednecks lumberjacks cutting up the trees? Because they’re driving over them.

That’s right my timid lycra-clad friends, I lifted my bike over a tree that was across the road at an elevation of two feet. But here’s the kicker…the bark was all rubbed off where a four wheel truck had gone over it, rather than cut it out of the way.

That’s a lot more fun for Billy Bob.

And Then There’s The Water

The melt is on up in the high country. Southfork is roaring, with a lot of waterfalls tumbling in from the side canyons. It’s beautiful up there, if a bit lonely.

The water’s going so hard that if I was an insane man, I’d have shouted to the mountain tops…telling them to hold back some of that water for later in the year.

Instead I only mumbled something about wanting one of those decals showing a Scott bike urinating on a Trek.

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