Which Pedals Are You Going To Put On Your Mountain Bike To Leap O’er Roadkill?

Leaping over roadkill can get an assist with the correct pedals. But that’s limited too! You’ll see…

There are some basic problems pedals have to resolve. They have to shed muck, they have to provide a steady platform, and they can’t weigh too much.

There are basically 3 types of mountain bike pedals but… disregard the cage pedal. Cage pedals only come on inexpensive bikes, and esteemed readers of this commentary are way beyond that.

Mountain Bike ‘Platform’ Pedals

Platform pedals are exceedingly stable.

These are the styles of pedals you’ll see with a lot of downhill and freestyle bikes. Downhillers hope to not be doing a whole lot of pedaling, so there’s not much of a need for anything other than a platform pedal.

If anything, they begrudge pedaling.

They’d likely choose pegs rather than pedals if they could get away with it.

Because platform pedals don’t offer an efficient pedal stroke, they may not be popular with any rider who does lots of uphill riding. Lightweight platform pedals may only weigh a bit over 400 grams, but to put that in perspective, road bike pedals are just over 200 grams.

How about the mud shedding potential? Open design pedals, like the Ruben Flat Pedal get rid of muck effortlessly.

With no need to wear unique cycling shoes while riding with platform pedals, they hold an advantage for everyday rides. That’s right…no need for weird cycling shoes, neither men’s or women’s cycling shoes.

Gimme Dem Mountain Bike ‘Clipless’ Pedals

Choose correctly, and you can get hold of clipless mountain bike pedals that solve the three pedal challenges very well. You remember, not letting muck stick, supplying a stable platform, and not weighing too much.

Weight’s the easiest. It’s not hard to stumble on clipless pedals that weigh about 9 oz. As a point of reference, 250 grams is 8.81 oz.

Clipless Mountain Bike Pedals Called ‘Eggbeaters’

With eggbeaters, stability may or may not be a factor. A strict eggbeater has no platform. Nevertheless, some clipless models come with platforms too.

Because they have an open style, mud evacuation is good with eggbeaters. But even if there is muck, you’re not as likely to have trouble clipping into the eggbeater since it’s ‘4-sided’.

‘Speedplay’ Pedals Are Also A Good Option

You can’t get any lighter than Speedplay pedals in the mountain bike pedal world. Since they’re so smooth and simple, there’s no place for mud to stick to.

Even though they don’t appear like they’d be stable, they clip right into the mountain bike shoe, so they fit that requirement as well.

Leaping Over Roadkill Is Doable With The Correct Type Of Mountain Bike Pedals

Being clipped into your pedals enables you to lift your back wheel over a log in the path. Or perhaps some roadkill on the road.

I ride with a guy who bunny-hops over any roadkill he sees beside the road. That’s right, he actually aims right at them.

So, the response to the initial query is…

If you want to leap over lifeless animals, you should get clipless pedals.

He told me that on one occasion he tried to get over a small dead elk (unsuccessfully). He lives in Oregon, so those types of things occur.

The local TV station didn’t even report the story.

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