Amateur Cyclists Don’t Race For Socks

Bicycling magazine has a good article on the suspected involvement of amateur bike racers in the world of performance enhancing drugs. The article starts on a personal note, with the author relating a race in which a Cat 1 rider rode with extraordinary strength in a local Crit.

Later, the author and the cyclists in that area found out that the ‘super strong’ rider got busted for having five different banned substances in his system.

It's Not Just About Winning Socks

The article is ‘brought to life’ with a picture of urine, complete with bubbles on the top, and the caption under the Pee Pee cup reads…

…’The proof is in the peeing, There are cyclists willing to dope to win a pair of socks’


By that same reasoning you’d have to conclude that the lure of free socks also entices riders to…

  • Spend tens of thousands of dollars on fancy bikes, crazy wheels, outrageous lycra clothes…you get the picture.
  • Travel hundreds of miles to get to quality races, at the cost of a few hundred bucks per race week-end.
  • Go through the entire racing season with no energy to keep up the yard, maintain the house with handyman projects, and generally invest all energy into training and racing.
  • Go to bed with hungry, growling stomachs because the obsession with weight loss has reached the lofty heights occupied primarily by New York City runway models.
  • Eat, sleep, and drink cycling…becoming so enthralled with riding a bike that you’d read a blog like this one (don’t you have a lawn you should be mowing?).
  • I just want to set the record straight.

    We race for a lot of things, but the least of which is the socks or the tacky looking t-shirt.

    Oh by the way, what do YOU race for?

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2 Responses to Amateur Cyclists Don’t Race For Socks

  1. Ron Fritzke says:


    Love your comment. “Promise of sponsored hosiery” has a jolly good sound to it.

    Best of everything with your website.


  2. Luke says:

    Socks do have a certain currency. Last weekend our local amateur TT champ told me he ditched his last team because they never made good on their promise of sponsored hosiery.

    Granted, the new team have given him a hot bike, top of the range Specialized shoes and 50% off pretty much anything else he needs.. but if you ask him about the move he brings up the socks first.