Giordana Laser Cycling Bib Shorts: What’s Moovix?

Giordana FormaRed Bib Shorts are considered to be the eternal Underdogs by the guys over at Competitive Cyclist. These are the folks who put a lot of very high end shorts out the door (or maybe onto the UPS truck). They sell more than their fair share of $340 Assos bib shorts.

But here’s their observation…cyclists looking for high end bib shorts gravitate to Assos, and may be overlooking the Giordana line. While their ultimate appreciation is for the FormaRed models, the workhorse Laser bib shorts benefit from Giordana’s attention to detail as well.

Where’d Giordana Bib Shorts Have Their Beginning?

In 1980 Giorgio Andretta started designing cycling apparel and melded the needs of the American cyclist with the authenticity of true Italian race wear. From the start, Giordana got involved with some of America’s biggest race teams and used the feedback from the pro racers to refine their products.

Thirty years later, Giordana has now brought all phases of the cycling apparel production process under one roof…blah, blah, blah. I’m even boring myself.

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What’re Giordana Laser Bib Shorts Made Of?

I don’t care if it started in 1980, what’re these shorts made of?


A few years ago I wrote about Biemme shorts being made of moovix. Biemme likened the material to honeycomb breakfast cereal, because it is patterned after the multi-sided honeycomb shape. So what?

Well instead of stretching vertically and horizontally, like conventional lycra, moovix stretches in all directions.

And so it is with the moovix used to make Giordana laser bib shorts. It will stretch itself in all directions, not discriminating between well-conditioned, chiseled quads or generous flabby buttocks. To moovix, either challenge is merely something to stretch around.

What’s Giordana Offer In Their Bib Shorts Chamois (or Insert)?

I’m not interested in if the founder was named Giorgio Andretta or E. Norma Butts. Tell me what I’ll be sitting on…

Laser bib shorts use the T-SELECT-O.F. insert. The thickness of this insert varies (within the insert itself, not from insert to insert) and the company claims that it fits perfectly with the male cyclist’s anatomy. I always assumed there was some variation within the male gender in the nether regions (at least enough to cater to natural selection), but I suppose it was merely guesswork on my part. Giordana’s groinologists certainly know better than I.

As an aside, Giordana offers the WMC-3-O.F. insert as the perfect solution to providing comfort to the female anatomy. This insert is offered in the women’s specific version of the Giordana Laser bib shorts. Team Estrogen makes sure they have a good supply of these rascals.

Other Giordana Bib Shorts Accouterments

And finally, I don’t know if we (I’m including you now) care about how many roofs these shorts emanate from. We just want a few bells and whistles.

The Giordana Laser bib shorts have a mesh panel on the back between the shoulder straps, and the mesh is touted to provide added ventilation. I’m no scientist, but I think that no back panel provides more ventilation than does a mesh back panel. But then again, a back panel does a good job of keeping the shoulder straps in place. Trade-offs, trade-offs.

These shorts also have a rear pocket in which to place your mobile phone or MP3 player. I can’t decide if the phone is better positioned in a pocket in the bib shorts or in the jersey. Of course there’s no one putting a gun to my head, forcing me to use the ‘bib shorts based’ pocket. Doesn’t hurt to have the option.

And finally, the shorts feature a reflective Giordana logo on both the front and back. To me the logo’s an interesting image of what a cyclist in a breakaway’d like to say to his or her pursuers.

Giordana’s made a fine name for themselves in the high end cycling apparel industry. While the Laser bib shorts aren’t at the pinnacle (the Giordana FormaRed Carbons are), they are a fine product capable of lightening your wallet significantly (retail for $180).

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