Cycling-Review Is Now On!

Featured in Alltop

There are milestones in life. That includes the life of a website.

The first hurdle was getting someone other than my mom to read my ramblings. Even she was hesitant, no doubt unwilling to discover what she had spawned half a century ago. Other family members followed her lead and the snow flake ball got rolling.

Now has relented to my mother’s incessant urgings and has included on their Cycling page.

The employee here at Cycling-Review World Headquarters is beside himself with joy, and may have injured his shoulder hopping about and bumping into himself.

A while back, when I got serious about including consistent new content on the site, I began perusing for ideas. Using Alltop, I’m able to quickly scan what the greatest minds in cycling journalism are writing.

Sometimes it’d laxitize my journalistic constipation, and sometimes I’d still be left sitting on the can. But movement was happening.

I was getting ‘moved’ to think my humble site deserved to be considered along with such luminaries as PezCyclingNews, Bike Snob NYC, Tour De France News, and VeloNews. For some of us, such delusions come easy.

Well, Noe Mendiola from Alltop agreed with me and I’m now listed on the bottom right corner (prime real estate on websites since multitudes of readers with low self-esteem gravitate there) of the Cycling page.

I now feel intense pressure to write up to an elevated standard of excellence.

Some writers perform well under such a weight, and others crumble under pressure. The evidence of such a tragedy is in the quality of this first post after being Alltop indexed.

But…the winds of change are a blowin and I’m confident I’ll recover.

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