Found: Missing Link Between Cycling and Flyfishing!

Conversation at lunch with editor Tom Chandler spread across a host of topics.

Long distance running, kids (Tom can now talk kids, with a toddler in the house), Tom’s internet consulting services, blogging, fly fishing, and cycling were all in the mix.

In searching out a common ground between Tom’s expertise in fly fishing and my passion for cycling, I was reminded of a riddle…

Q: What does a grape and a chicken have in common?
A: They’re both purple…
except for the chicken.

So it seemed regarding any common ground between our blogging interests.

Until now.

The Missing Link?

Much like Indiana Jones, I sought to dig up buried treasure which would bridge the gap between fly fishing and cycling.

Feeling the smug satisfaction of an archeologist, I’ve uncovered a product that’s sure to leave both of our reading audiences underwhelmed.

Not that the Bike Fisherman Fishing Rod Holder doesn’t serve its purpose. I’m sure the product works well, but there’s a pleasant ‘simpleness’ which may not play well with the sophistication of the Troutunderground readers.

All of the rods and reels in the website pictures are spinning rigs, for cryin out loud! Hand-crafted Chris Raine Hollowbuilt Bamboo Fly Rods are glaring in their omission.

And then there are the pictured bikes. I have seven bikes in my garage and only one of them (purchased in 1985) is as primitive as what’s on the website.

No full suspension cross country mountain bikes, no time trial bikes, and certainly no full carbon road bikes with $700 rear derailleurs.

But let’s get the Snob-foolery behind us and appreciate the utilitarian nature of the product.

No Roads, Weary Feet, No Problem

The juncture of fishing and cycling can be arrived at from several directions.

There’s the fisherman who’s plodded along a trail or road closure aware that the invention of the wheel would get him to the honey-hole a lot quicker and much more refreshed than Vibram soles did.

Time to dust off the old mountain bike with a newly attached ‘Bike Fisherman Fishing Rod Holder’ with a ‘Fly Pole Adapter’.

As an aside, I’m not sure that the ‘Fly Pole’ terminology sits well with the barbless hook sector.

This is the path that the gang from Troutunderground would take.

How about my faithful readers?

If you bike ‘off road’ very much it’s likely you’ve ridden past some prime fishing waters without your fishing rod. Well, strap one on and cash in on your fitness by accessing back-country lakes and streams that ‘puss-guts’ can’t reach.

Then There’s The Carrot Factor…

Maybe it’s because I’m so goal oriented, but I can really gain motivation when I’m riding toward a purposeful destination. Sometimes it’s a scenic view. Other times it may be to see how many houses are for sale in our old neighborhood. I guess there really doesn’t have to be much in the way of ‘purpose’, but who’s tellin?

With the rod holder strapped to my mountain bike, I’ll be able to chase the cycling carrot for hours, wondering when I’ll be able to make a few casts into pristine waters.

I’m sure I’ll kill myself on the bike to get there, only to be reminded how sadly lacking my fishing skills have become since I started spending all of my time on two wheels.

And to sign-off like Tom Chandler does…

See you in the back-country; with fishing rod on-board, Ron Fritzke

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