Cycologists Play Christmas Cheer On Cycling Seatposts

Concerned that this entry would quickly become ‘dated’, I’ve delayed exposing my loyal readers to this Christmas performance until after 12-25-2009.

You’ll now be able to enjoy the Cycologists playing ‘Good King Wenceslas’ on their cycling seat posts for up to 364 days without knowing that you’re watching obsolete material. That’s right, the 2010 Christmas season is soon upon us! …and you’re on the cutting edge.

I didn’t know that crafty cyclists could play music using their seat posts. But now I do.

At times, I’ve made sound from near my seat post, but it’s never been mistaken for a Christmas carol.

As an aside, I vehemently object to the Cycologists choice of music. No king (King Wenceslas) whose name is so awkwardly pronounced should be commemorated in word or song.

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