Confessions of a Chiropractic Slacker

I have a confession to make and it relates to something in the ‘Cycling-Related Back Pain’ report I have on my website.

Specifically- it’s about stretching the gluteal and piriformis muscles.

Here goes with the confession…

One of my regular patients came into my office recently and told me that after struggling with his low back pain for five years (my treatments had been moderately successful), he was now pain-free.

And it was due to..

One of the exercises that I’d written about in my special report.

So what’s the problem?

Why the need for Chiropractic confession?

Well, he’d found out about the helpful stretch by surfing the web on his own.

In other words, he’d stumbled onto the exercise which eliminated his pain with no assistance from me.

Which reveals my sin.

A while back I’d given up on pushing home care to my patients because such a small fraction actually did them.

I’d become a Chiropractic slacker.

So…I’m back to pushing effective home care.

And I’m writing this post to encourage cyclists to download the 8 page report to have access to five exercises which go a long way toward preventing back pain.

That stretch, along with the other exercises, is extremely effective
for preventing low back pain in cyclists.

Thanks for reading- may your riding be pain-free!

Oh yea, find out about the report here.

Ron Fritzke

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