But Doc, I Wasn’t Doing Anything!

Just about every day one of my patients will say, ‘I don’t know why my back hurts, I wasn’t doing anything’.

But that’s probably what got them into trouble.

The ‘not doing anything’ is the problem.

Don’t let yourself fall into the same trap.

I have a page on my site demonstrating a couple of very helpful strengthening exercises.
The key is to do them on an unsteady surface so that your nervous system
has to bombard the necessary stabilization muscles (core muscles) with neurologic input.

This is why rubber exercise balls and wobble cushions are so helpful.

They make your neuro-muscular integration kick into overdrive!

Don’t forget… cycling is a dynamic exercise featuring a complex integration of many muscle movements,coordinated
by your nervous system.

Wobble cushions force this integration when you’re exercising.

Don’t know what a ‘wobble cushion’ is? I have a picture of one on the page.

Check out the exercises at this link.

Here’s to painfree, and POWERFUL rides.

Ron Fritzke, D.C.

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