Do You Know This Shortcut to Bike Racing Success?

Why do we spend so much time and money on cycling training, bikes, equipment and who knows what else, and then neglect to invest in racing skills and stretegies? Do we really have to go to multitudes of races to learn the nuances of bike racing?

Not necessarily.

Earlier this year I attended AthletiCamps race school. It was worth many seasons of trial and error racing.

Learning from the many years of racing experience in the persons of coach Bruce Hendler, eleven-time world champion Larry Nolan, and eleven-time national champion Kevin Metcalf was invaluable.

The racing school wasn’t about cycling fitness. Instead, it covered just about everything else needed to compete at your potential.

There’s a boatload of knowledge needed to compete in bike races.

I came away knowing that I’d flattened my bike racing learning curve dramatically.

One of the other attendees summed up our experience much better than I’m able to-

“The Athleticamps Race School exceeded my expectations in every way, especially for the price. AthletiCamps has assembled an impressive team of communicative, highly-experienced instructors with excellently planned and organized activities. This should be required for anyone racing bikes. The experience will make you a better, safer, and smarter racer.” – Scott Fischbein, Davis Bike Club

The next camp is February 13-14, 2010

Bring your team- there’s a discount for 3+ riders from the same team.

Check out the AthletiCamps Race School.

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