Drop-off Endovers No Better Than Log-roll Endovers

The singletrack has firmed up nicely on Mount Shasta.  I’m new to this singletrack scene, so much of my previous experience has been in the ‘talc’ conditions during the summer.  A few weeks ago I even bailed off the bike into powder which came up to mid-calf.

But yesterday was a different story.  We had 3.5 inches of rain on Tuesday and the trails are great.  Great enough for me to do a low speed end over off of a drop-off.  Great enough for an end over on the back side of a log roll-over.  They were each as pleasurable as the other.  No broken parts, no lost skin, just some trail-rage.

This front-to-back weight shifting takes a bit of getting used to.  The moral of  my two spills is to not shift the ballast forward when you’re already practically standing on your front wheel.

The side to side balancing hasn’t been trouble free either.

I’d like to say I’m making progress with my bike handling skills, but the forest gnomes are withholding their opinions until they can get a quorum of sober observers.

Not too much else to say about yesterday’s ride, except I’ll say this to all my imaginary readers.  “Get up here for a ride!”

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