Cycling Gifts: Both the Worthless and the Worthful!

If you’re here looking for cycling gift ideas it’s likely you’ve been subjected to the fanatical world of cyclists. It’s interesting how riding a bike can be so purposeful to the cyclist, while at the same time so obnoxious to those around them.

I’m reminded of a comic strip given to me by my non-cycling friends-

I am Fit!
I am Great!
Share the Road!

You are Fat!
You are Lazy!
Share the Road!

…And that was from a relatively humble cyclist.

But You Love Your Cyclist, So Get Them A Bicycle Gift

I did a little looking around, and what did I see? Oodles of bicycling gift ideas.
Right off the bat, you’d hit a home run with a gift of professional help. You may have even been heard to whisper under your breath, ‘He needs some professional help!’

But that’s not what I’m talking about. What your cyclist may need is some professional cycling advise by someone who’s been in cycling for an awfully long time. I know of none better than long-time cycling coach, Bruce Hendler.

And he’s for sale.

At least his wisdom is.

Get a gift certificate for a cycling camp, cycling coaching, or some fitness testing.

Particularly the cycling camp! That will be a memory making week-end that your favorite cyclist will remember for a very long time.

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What About Some Cycling Gift Clothing Ideas?

Believe it or not, cycling socks are unique to our sport. They’re usually higher on the ankle than low runner’s socks, but lower than crew socks. This is a part of the body that cyclists like to use to advertise their favorite pro cycling team, their favorite beverage, or even an edgy slogan. Many a passive-aggressive cyclist tells off the world with angry words on their ankles.

Trust me, some well-purchased socks may be your cyclist’s favorite present.

Cycling jerseys are very important to a cyclist. After all, the jersey displays that most important of messages which defines your cycling hero.

A blank jersey could say, ‘I’m a stealthy, ninja-style cyclist who’s waiting to blow your doors off’. But it could also say, ‘I’m new and timid, don’t jostle me’.

Some fools would be so bold as to say that a blank jersey says nothing.


When you’re looking for a bike gift, how about combining cycling with that most stereotypical of all gifts- the necktie? They’re out there to be bought.

There are also cycling wallets. Believe it or not, these aren’t conventional wallets embossed with cycling themes. They’re made of a thin nylon material so that they can hold a driver’s license, a credit card and maybe a few dollar bills. The wallet holds them together while being small enough to fit in the back pockets of a bicyclist’s jersey.

Zip-lock bags do the same thing, so if you don’t like your cycling friend very much, you may choose to buy them a dozen zip-lock bags.

Bicycle Gifts In The Form Of Trinkets , Jewelry, and Ornaments

If you’d like to provide your favorite cyclist with a dilemma, buy them an ornament or trinket. I admit that a Christmas ornament will get some game time at least once a year.

But a ‘year-round’ ornament will get face time for a short season before it’s relegated to a desk drawer. Two years later, your cyclist will be longing to clean out the drawer, but may be unwilling to toss the ornament in the wastebasket where it belongs.

What if you show up and see that it hasn’t been carefully put back onto the fireplace mantle?

But, how about cycling jewelry? Whether it’s belt buckles, ear rings, pins, tie tacks, money clips, or key rings, the possibilities are promising in this category. These gifts are practical to some extent, and it’s unlikely the cyclist would have purchased any for themselves.

Unless of course, they’re blessed with a certain egocentric tendency, in which case they’ve most likely purchased a lot of jewelry for themselves.

Desktop Bicycle Gift Accouterments

Anal retentive cyclists may spend much of their day at an empty desk devoid of such necessities as cycling photo frames, bike business card holders, bicycling paper weights, or even cycling letter openers.

This is where you come in- If your budget is big enough, you could supply enough clutter on their desk to hide your favorite cyclist’s ‘neatfreak’ neurosis from all but the most discriminating of psychologists.

Beverage Accessories

Some cyclists ride their bikes so that they can drink more beer or wine without gaining weight. Others drink coffee so that they can do more caffeine-stimulated riding.

There are gifts for everyone!

Cycling coffee mugs are certainly a possibility, but it’s in the alcohol related drinks that the vista of bicycling gifts opens up into a virtual panorama.

For grog, there are pint glasses with a multitude of logos on their sides. There are also wine caddies sporting cycling themes.

There are even bottle openers made of recycled bike chain. Now that’s an interesting thought, considering that some of those chains may have graced mountain bikes which have traversed many a cow pasture.

Luigi, Don’t Forget The ‘Cycling Gift’ Pasta

‘Get your carbs the fun way with bicycle pasta, bike shaped pasta that not only taste great, but look great as well’ said the folks over at

And so we come to a close with a gift that all but the gluten-intolerant can appreciate, bicycle pasta!

But wait!

If that little comic strip dialog at the top of this page rang particularly strong with you and your cyclist, you can get some ‘Share the Road’ stickers.

If you’d like to see just about everything made for cyclists…look no further than Amazon, of all places.

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