Busy Home Schooling Moms Love Bike Trainers

Moms who home school their children are some of the busiest women I know. If you mention finding time for their own weight loss or fitness program you might just get laughed out of the room.

Thanks to bike trainers home schooling moms can take a few minutes for themselves while the kids are doing class work. It’s a combination that will bring smiles to everyone’s faces

Bring Your Bicycle Indoors With Indoor Bike Trainers

Indoor Bike trainer is a piece of equipment that makes it possible to ride a bicycle while it remains stationary. So this gives your bicycle two options. You can ride outside or indoors.

This means that you can ride your bike while you do other things like teaching the kids, watching tv, listening to your favorite music. The options are endless.

Choosing The Bike Trainer That Works For You

There are a variety of bike trainers on the market to choose from. Your choice will depend on what you want to achieve.

You’ll love the Unconditional Lifetime Warranty that comes with the Kurt Kinetic fluid trainer. Set up is extremely easy. It’s quiet. That means it won’t interfere with your multi-tasking.

Another choice would be the Cycleops fluid trainer which provides a road like feel for a realistic ride. This trainer offers easy loading of your bike into and out of the trainer with its cam lever.

Add HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) And Weight Loss Is A Bonus

Busy women with unplanned emergencies, often struggle to find time for themselves. House, work, kids and exercise! You want me to pedal my bike where?

Fitting a 30 minute workout into your day may seem like an impossible task. But what if you could take just 15 minutes to refresh and feel energized?

Ten or fifteen minutes is all it takes to at least start a weight loss program.

HIIT Defined:
Let’s start with a short primer of what interval training is all about. Interval training is a workout consisting of relatively short, hard bursts of effort…mixed with ‘rest’ efforts. I’ll make the explanation easier to understand by giving a sample cycling HIIT workout.

  • 5 minutes warm-up of easy spinning.
  • 5 minutes of alternating 5 seconds ‘all out’ effort with 10 seconds of easy spinning.
  • 5 minutes warm-down of easy spinning.

As you can see, the workout is ‘short and sweet’. The magic in the whole concept with regard to weight loss is that your metabolism will remain elevated for hours after a HIIT workout…all the time burning up that fat you’ve been doing everything you can to lose.

Start your routine at a pace you are comfortable with. Check with your doctor first as with all new exercise programs.

This routine fits into any busy career woman’s schedule. Whether that career is raising your family or working in a corporate office. You’ll love the more energized you.

In Summary:

Busy home schooling moms need to take a little time for themselves too. And when you make that time something good for your health, you will feel better every day. Indoor bike trains and HIIT make the best fit for your weight loss program for your busy schedule.

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