Cycling Skinsuits Aren’t For The Timid

cycling skinsuitCycling skinsuits – cycling’s most revealing of garments! I’ll bet you’re thinking that the timid and meek of heart aren’t likely to wear a cycling skinsuit. Well…that may be true, but I was also thinking that the timid may not even want to see most Americans wearing a cycling skinsuit.

Just when you’ve gotten used to showing up in public places wearing cycling shorts and a cycling jersey, you’ve now become aware of that most revealing of garments- the skinsuit.

What, pray tell, defines a skinsuit? How does it differ from the other embarrassing clothing that cyclists wear?

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Cycling Skinsuits Defined

It’s a onesie. Duh!

Whereas cycling jerseys and cycling shorts can be left to stink up two different closets at the same time, a cycling skinsuit is limited to occupying only one place at one time.

When that one place is the body of many a chubby cyclist, avert your eyes.

A Skinsuit Would Be Too Revealing!

Bike Skinsuit Features

Some of the fabrics that I read about are ‘6 ounce, four-way stretch’. That’s pretty thin, and because one of the sought-after attributes is efficient cooling, thin is good. Breathable is good too, although the opposite of breathable is absurd.

How could anyone ride their bike wrapped tightly in cellophane?

Often the lower part of the skinsuit is a thicker material, such as 8 ounce and just as with cycling shorts, there are different numbers of panels to be considered. Eight panels allow for good conformation to the sculptured body. And don’t forget the chamois- your interface to that most barbaric of instruments, the bicycle saddle. I’m finding out that a good chamois makes all the difference.

You’ll need a zipper to squeeze into and out of a cycling skinsuit. If it’s a hidden zipper you’ll maintain that aero advantage.

How About Some Bike Skinsuit Pros and Cons?

Cycling Skinsuits don’t have any elastic around your midsection. There’s nothing to define the boundary between your bellyroll and all things south of your bellyroll. Nothing to dig in- more comfort! Now those may be both pros and cons.

I’ve taken a liking to bibshorts lately. The reason being the suspenders pull up on the short, keeping the chamois where it needs to be. Well skinsuits do the same without the suspenders. That’s a pro.

Con- No pockets make skinsuits impractical for anything other than time trials, crits, and track racing. If you’d like, you can tuck a gel pack up under the leg elastic of your skinsuit, but it’s not as effective as the pockets of a cycling jersey.

Pros- Aerodynamic, comfortable, and cooler all describe the cycling skinsuits.

More cons- can’t use the restroom conveniently and a shaking of some people’s body image.

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The Final Skinny on Cycling Skinsuits

I guess we’d have to conclude that the skinsuit is not for the fainthearted. They have their place in the world.

Of course those revealing outfits that male ballet dancers wear have their place in the world too. But that doesn’t make them any less easy to look at.

This just in…cycling skinsuits bought cheaply online can be used as a good base layer. Now aren’t you glad you kept reading to the brutal end?

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One Response to Cycling Skinsuits Aren’t For The Timid

  1. John Siviour says:


    Ta for the site, and the reviews.

    Suggest you take a gander at the Castelli San Remo skinsuit. Two shortcomings:

    zip is not hidden so loss of aero (but it is at least good quality) and
    no zip “garage”…so it may press on the neck.

    Apart from that it is the “bee’s knees”…awesome!
    Yes it has pockets….deep and capacious
    Almost “not there” comfort fit when on the bike
    It has aero finish
    The attached top has full length zip and provides excellent ventilation
    The colour scheme looks fantastic (imho “grins”) and you can get custom colourway.

    Obviously I love it (all my other gear sits neglected in my bag). Any way give it a try! My bet….You will be pleasantly surprised.

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