An Air Force Cycling Jersey Won’t Make You Faster

But an Air Force cycling jersey will ID you as part of the Zoomie Nation. Maybe you’re an Air Force vet, maybe you’re an Air Force Academy graduate, or maybe your kid is one of the above. As a dad whose son is at the Academy, I guess I’d better get first in line for one of these babies. Update: I received one for Christmas of 2008. I like it.

It looks like you can order a cycling jersey featuring all of the main Universities, and the Air Force Academy is no different. I’ve searched around to find the best source for the Air Force Cycling Jersey

THIS JUST IN!!! In the spirit of religious tolerance the half price sale previously extended only to Christians will no long be offered. Just kidding… I hope I won‘t be subjected to any sensitivity classes.

Well anywho… the Air Force cycling jersey has got three pockets across the back to hold your flight plan, oxygen mask, and Snoopy flying scarf. It’s made of one of those man-made materials famous for wicking your ‘moisture’ away from your skin at super sonic speeds. It also features a half length zipper which can serve as flaps at lower speeds.

I’m really struggling here to write any additional meaningful info (like any of the above was meaningful?) about the Air Force jersey. It’s in the Air Force colors, it won’t make you faster, and it’s offered to everyone except ACLU lawyers.

And if you just don’t have enough Air Force Academy trinkets, hats, clothing, or items designed to pull the dust out of the air you can check out the selection at SportsFanfare. You’ll have to navigate to the ‘College’ tab on the left, but once you get there you’ll see a whole bomber-load of USAFA paraphernalia.

But, if you’re like me and you just put up with reading nonsense like the stuff above so that you can get to some great deals…there are always great deals at BikeNashbar.

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