Women’s Padded Cycling Shorts – What’s So ‘Women’s’ About Them?

A lot of women are searching Google for Women’s Padded Bicycling Shorts. So I’m not sure if the question is regarding the uniqueness of ‘women’s padded cycling shorts’ or for a short explanation of what women should expect when they’re cycling.

I’ll attempt to bring to the fore those attributes which differentiate women’s bike shorts from cycling shorts in general.

Around the Women’s Cycling Shorts Waist

Some women’s shorts have a lower rise, perhaps reflecting the style of the day. I can’t see what other purpose a lower rise would serve. lowrisewomensshorts

But then again, I just did some research on cycling knickers and one of the manufacturers bragged of having a lower rise in the front to accommodate abdominal protrusion and the ‘pinch’ a rider would feel.

These wool knickers necessitated a belt (pinching device), so the whole abdominal pinching consideration is probably null and void in the spandex world. Maybe the reason to provide a lower rise in women’s padded cycling shorts world is to reduce the waistline pinch.

huggfitshortNow here’s a horse of a different color. Louis Garneau makes a women’s short with a ‘Hugg Fit’ waist. The reason? Better tummy support. So this one would be actually supporting the lower abdomen rather than ‘getting out of the way’. And in my judgment….this one wins the grand prize.

Women’s cycling shorts are also cut differently around the waist to accommodate the hourglass figure. So we’re talking about a taper from the hips to the waist. How about an expansion from the waist to the hips? That works too.

Women’s Padded Bicycling Shorts – It’s All In The Chamois-

Besides the chromosomal differences in every cell in our bodies, the different shape of the ‘parts downunder’ in pretty consistent from woman to man. In light of this revelation, every significant cycling short manufacturer has put thought and effort into the development of a woman specific shaped chamois.

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But it’s like finding the perfect bike saddle. What works for one rider may not be as good for the next rider. However, if a woman uses a woman-shaped chamois the odds go up in the quest for comfort.

After all, what’s a woman rider supposed to do with those fur lined testicle holders in the man-specific chamois?

Shaping And Beveling The Pad In Women’s Cycling Shorts

This is the technique of the day for the woman specificwomenschamois chamois. The chamois generally has less thickness in the perenial area so that there is reduced pressure on sensitive tissues.

I find that whole approach to be interesting, because I too find the perenial area to be bothered the most when riding. (I’m a man. In case you couldn’t tell by the crassness of the writing style)

Why don’t all chamois’s do the same thing? It would emphasize more weight out on the sitbones, whether female or male. That’s where the weight belongs.

Many women’s padded cycling shorts are fitted with a chamois treated in an antibacterial solution. No explanation needed.

Leg Length In Women’s Bicycling Shorts

Those fashion designers who dictate what people (riders in this case) prefer, note that women prefer shorter leg lengths in their cycling shorts. If they say so.


Different considerations in the waist, the chamois, and the leg length. Besides that, generic cycling shorts will fit any old android.

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