Mens Biemme Cycling Shorts Made Of Moovix – Know What That Is?

The mens Biemme cycling shorts product line is comprised of nine different products. The Italian line is noted to be both comfortable and of high quality. I’ll summarize some of the materials and features which the company maintains set their Biemme cycling shorts for men apart.

Inspired By Honeycomb Cereal

One of the materials touted by Biemme is their Moovix fabric. Unlike conventional Lycra which stretches vertically and horizontally, Moovix is said to stretch in all directions. If you go to your cupboard and out the Honeycomb cereal you’ll see the honeycomb shape that Moovix is patterned after.

If you think of the fabric in the mens Biemme cycling shorts as being able to stretch in the direction of each of the sides of the tasty little rascal, you get a good idea of the flexibility of the fabric.

You can save money when buying mens Biemme cycling shorts if you buy them made from something besides Moovix. For approximately 30% off you can buy them made of Meryl Actisystem fabric. This fabric is well known in the cycling industry. It has very good wicking characteristics.

The materials used in the chamois are also of note. Biemme makes a point of the outer layer being an antibacterial fabric made by Mititech. The lower layer is made by Coolmax. In the premium shorts the chamois is made of Meryl Microfiber and is said to wick moisture very effectively.

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Flat-Stitched Seams

Biemme makes a point of stating repeatedly that the seams in their men’s cycling shorts are ‘flat-stitched’. They also make it known that there is no cross stitching under the chamois.

A Variety of Styles

Mens Biemme cycling shorts are made in a variety of styles all the way from bib shorts to baggy shorts. While the bib shorts definitely brand you as a cyclist, the baggy shorts allow you to blend in with the crowd.

There are several models of traditional cycling shorts which feature a variety of materials. One of the materials is Dry Tech. It’s noted to be very quick drying and touted to be antibacterial and thus odorless.

The line of bib shorts feature some of the higher end fabrics, chamois materials and styling. There is also a model which features a knicker-length leg to keep the knees warm in cold weather.

The Bermuda Yrus shorts have a lycra liner inside. However, from the outside they are loose and thus they keep a rider from looking like a road cyclist. These Bermuda Yrus shorts have several outside pockets which have zippers to secure items while riding enthusiastically! These shorts may fit the needs of a mountain biker, cyclo-cross rider or… just a bashful new road cyclist who isn’t ready to show it all off!

Let’s Sum It Up

Biemme cycling shorts for men are quality shorts made in Italy. Made in a variety of materials, styles and shapes the line of products should meet the cycling needs of most riders. The prices aren’t ‘economy’ level but they are a good value for a quality short.

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