Castelli Cycling Shorts- Put The Scorpion To Your Butt!

castelli cycling shortsCastelli cycling shorts are among the top end biking shorts on the market. This Italian company is serious about their apparel and it shows in the materials they use… as well as in their styling. To top it off, they even put their stylish little scorpion on the rear panel so your buddies know you’ve bought CASTELLI!

There are a few ‘special’ factors regarding Castelli shorts. Namely, materials, a special chamois, and high pricing.

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What Are Castelli Cycling Shorts Made Of?

Castelli cycling shorts are made of a special type of Lycra which they call VIBRA. VIBRA was added to the Castelli line in 2004. They claim that it adds muscle support and a ‘massaging’ action. “How could this be?” you ask incredulously. Well, here’s what they say… VIBRA is a double-faced, positively and negatively charged Lycra that keeps the body’s temperature regulated well and has a series of thin ripples or corrugations to it.
The claim is that the corrugated nature of the fabric actually helps the quads and hamstring muscles to relax and move more fluidly.

Look to the left for a picture of Castelli shorts minus the extremely relaxed quads and hamstring muscles. Hey, where’s the overlapping gut?

That Essential Chamois

There is also a strong claim related to the innovative Progretto Y2 chamois. Here’s the verbiage- “The most significant advance in cycling shorts since Lycra- the Progetto Y2 Comfortemp Pad. The original Y-shaped pad is covered in ComforTemp with 8mm of special bump absorbing foam that keeps its shape.

Tried and true with two years of strong testimonials Progretto Y2 is the stuff!”

So there you have it straight out of the Castelli horse’s mouth.

Are Castelli Cycling Shorts Cheap?

castelli cycling shortsYou can expect to pay a goodly sum for a pair of Castelli cycling shorts. They are well over $100. A lot of the pairs, particularly the bib shorts are around $150. And then there is KISS. Castelli KISS cycling shorts are about half the price of the rest of their shorts.

I’m not sure why exactly, but if your objective is basically to get a Scorpion on your backside, these may be the way to go! Just for a little inspiration here’s the scorpion once again. Visualize it, dream big, and go get a pair.

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There’s also a great selection of Castelli cycling shorts at Amazon, of all places!

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