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I Know You Aren't Looking For Sidi 'Bling'...Or Are You?

Sidi cycling shoes started almost 50 years ago when an Italian chap named Dino Signori began making mountain sports footwear. Ever wonder where the name Sidi came from? Me neither.

Actually, Dino Signori used the first two letters of his names to come up with the company nomenclature. However he couldn’t remember which of his names was first and which was last, so it came out Sidi instead of Disi. His father never spoke to him again after such a boneheaded error.

But at least Sidi cycling shoes were born!

Sidi has been at the forefront of many of the innovations in the cycling shoe world.

Adjustable cleats are an example. Previously cyclists rode with wooden soles, and like the cobblers of old, took hammer and nail to their soles to get their cleats to stay on. How would you like that?- ‘Let’s see, I’ve got my tire changing tools, a spare tube, my pump, some Cytomax Muscle Milk bars, my hammer, a handful of six penny nails…’

sidi cycling shoes

Sidi Ergo 2

Closure systems also benefited from Dino’s innovations. I understand that the common shoe lace was the closure system of choice prior to Sidi’s introduction of the buckle. I don’t know when someone started incorporating Velcro’s hook and loop
design to bike shoe straps, but either Dino did it or at the very least he was all over that idea.

What About Those Buckles?

My introduction to the frailty of buckles was when I stripped out the cogs of the buckle on my car roof bike rack. It made sense to me to really crank ‘em down hard since I was intending to go down the freeway at 75 mph with a $5500 bike waving around in the wind.

A contraire, my cycling-review reader – we now know that stripped cogs are actually looser than non damaged cogs. I should never have applied the principle of leverage.

So what? Well if ‘cogstrip’ ever happens to your Sidi cycling shoes you can merely replace them with the buckles and/or the straps from a store such as Western Bike Works. Brilliant!

In fact, most of the parts of a Sidi shoe are replaceable. Double brilliant!

A Breakdown of the Sidi Cycling Shoes Models-

Before I looked into all things Sidi, the different models were whirling around in my head, incapable of order. So I took a few minutes to categorize the main models of Sidi Cycling Shoes.

Road Shoes-

Winter Training Shoes-

  • Diablo GTX (Available from Amazon Here)
  • Hydro GTX(Available from Amazon Here)


  • T2.6 Carbon (Available from Amazon Here)
  • T2

Mountain Bike/Cross

  • Dragon 2 Carbon SRS (Available from Amazon Here)
  • Dominator 6 (Available from Amazon Here)
  • Dominator 5 review (Available from Amazon Here)
  • Giau (Available from Amazon Here)
  • Tork (Available from Amazon Here)

Spin Shoes

  • Vigo (Available from Amazon Here)

Sidi Shoes- Asia Free

Sidi cycling shoes are claimed to be the last 100% European brand of cycling shoe. At first I didn’t know what that was all about. Then I learned that the claim was that unlike other cycling shoe brands, which utilized Asian labor, Sidi cycling shoes are made entirely in Italy.

In fact, it is even against company policy for employees to order take-out Chinese while on the clock.

Additionally, any Asian employees are required to change either their first or middle names to Gepetto.

Actually, I’m proud to have made those last two parts up.

I Found Some ‘Sidi Cycling Shoes‘ Deals

I just looked over at Nashbar and found a bunch of Sidi cycling shoe models, several of which are marked down substantially.

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About the reviewer: Ron Fritzke is a cycling product reviewer with a passion for ‘all things cycling’. A former 2:17 marathoner, he now directs his competitive efforts toward racing his bike…and looking for good cycling products.

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