Discount Cycling Jerseys Are Easy To Find!

discount cycling jerseysCrap, this cycling can sure get expensive! In a campaign for fiscal relief, finding discount cycling jerseys is an essential task. Good news! I just looked over at Bike Nashbar and once again there are three discount cycling jerseys selling for over 70% off, and fifteen selling for over 60% off.

Now here’s a little known fact- recently the podium of the Tour de France was scandalized when the announcer asked the victors if they’d found discount cycling jerseys at Bike Nashbar¬† No one could believe the unanimous response!

I don’t think that the polka dot “best climber” jersey was purchased at Nashbar, he might be fudging due to peer pressure!

Besides saving dinero with a snappy discount cycling jersey deal, what else do you need to look for in a cycling jersey?

Getting The Proper Fit In Discount Cycling Jerseys

Don’t forget- it’s all about the wind, baby. So a bicycling jersey will fit tighter than you may like it to. And there is the catch 22.

Untold millions of fatsos would like to take to the bike lanes to reduce the enormity of their abdomens, but they’re rightfully repelled by the tight clothing. So they need cycling to get less fat, but conventional cycling clothing leaves them vulnerable to mocking. Angst!

Besides the tighter fit, you’ll notice that the biking jersey is cut longer in the back so that when you bend over in an aggressive cycling posture, you won’t expose that stunning Phoenix tattoo just north of your butt crack. For that we are thankful.

Believe It Or Not, The GRANDDADDY of  Discount Cycling Jerseys Is Amazon!

Discount Cycling Jersey Materials

While wool jerseys were all the rage when John McCain was reaching middle age in the 1940’s, modern materials have swept the world of discount cycling jerseys since then.

Of course that’s “change we can believe in”! In an ill-conceived attempt to pander to both cyclists and hoops players at the same time, Obama was seen playing a game of HORSE on the basketball courts of Chicago while wearing a “College” bike jersey celebrating the same diversity “Bluto” Blutarsky brought to the Delta House of Faber College. Not!

On the opposite end of the political spectrum, Rush Limbaugh was spotted motorcycling away from work the other day sporting a rather ‘old school’ cycling cycling jerseys

I’ll leave the specifics of which man made materials wick your sweat away most effectively to someone who has a clue of what they speak. As for me, how about a mention of the resurgence of Merino wool cycling jerseys?

That’s right folks, the mentally challenged Merino sheep is once again stumbling to the forefront of retro cycling apparel. One of my former riding partners claims that he rides innumerable rides in his wool jersey without washing it (we believe him) without any repugnant body odor (fewer of us believe him).

I don’t know if the reduction in body odor is due to the merits of wool or due to the mysterious ability of man-made fabrics to intensify human-generated stench.

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The Tendency Toward The Two Wheeled Billboard

What’s with the billboard style graphics every Tom, Dick, and especially Harry rides with as they slog along in the bike lane? As an aside, I’m here to report that the deeply discounted, classy Italian discount cycling jerseys that I saw at Nashbar didn’t have much in the way of graphics.

Why the graphics? Emulation of cyclists mucho mas rapido than self. “I like Lance Armstrong, I want to align myself with his speedy ways, I guess I’ll dress like him”. But hold the phone- bright graphic do serve a purpose in that they make us more visible to our mortal enemy. That enemy being the reviled Automobilist.

Discount (Clearance) Cycling Jersey Features

Discount cycling jerseys have a variety of front zipper lengths. Shorter zippers can be lowered to the level of chest hair exposure, should the hot weather warrant it. Long, full length zippers allow the cyclist to copy an overheated Tour de France climber- jersey completely unzipped, showing off the undergarment part of that other indicator of some very serious cycling- the bib short.

Should you get serious enough to wear bib shorts and such, plan to never unzip your jersey as some wind tunnel data I’ve seen shows insignificant drag coefficients related to flapping jerseys. And it’s the insignificant that is significant.

It’s nearly universal for a cycling jersey to have three pockets on the back, able to carry a cell phone and ID on the left, tire changing stuff in the middle, and food stuffs on the right. At least that’s how I do it. To the extent that you vary from my chosen pattern is to the extent that you are wrong. Ha!

If you’re constantly looking for a deal on discount cycling jerseys like I am, there are always great deals at Bike Nashbar.

Believe It Or Not, The GRANDDADDY of  Discount Cycling Jerseys Is Amazon!

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