Get A Discount Bicycle Jersey At 75% Off

When you find yourself looking for a discount bicycle jersey you’ve got a humongous advantage. An advantage over the poor sap who’s looking for big discounts on a lot of bicycle components or bicycle accessories. It’s not easy to find deep discounts on components.

But finding a discount bicycle jersey is a different story…a good story!

In short, bicycle jerseys are on the receiving end of a lot of disrespect when the retailer misjudges his inventory, and is left with unsold jerseys…thus they’re subject to crazy discounts.

I just looked over at Bike Nashbar and there was a $199.99 De Marchi jersey on sale for $44.99.

But guess what…that one may not be there when you read this page.

But double guess what…it doesn’t matter much, because it’s almost a certainty that another outrageous ‘discount bicycle jersey’ deal will have taken its place.

How do I know?

Well, I’ve been looking at the Nashbar cycling jersey discounts for years and they’re always there. Any particular jersey may not last for long (so if you like a particular jersey- don’t dawdle), but there’ll be a new batch of bicycle jerseys cycling through.

As an example, there are currently 19 different short sleeve jerseys that are 60% or more off the original price.

So… you might decide to take the money you were going to spend on a cheaply-made jersey (that screams ‘Newbie’) and instead buy two very, very nice jerseys that have some style and ‘engineering’ in them.

That’s right- there’s a whole world of high-tech bike-fabric engineering that the high end jerseys benefit from.

Well what do you know Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas merely lycra anymore.

These are bicycle jerseys made by companies like De Marchi, Parentini, Cavalo, Cannondale, GORE, Adidas, and Pearl Izumi, all for 70% or more off.

Discount Bicycle Jerseys Don’t Stop At Short Sleeve

The crazy discounts don’t stop at short sleeved jerseys either. Some of the best deals are the long sleeved jerseys.
discount bicycle jersey
I’m back here at the keyboard, after looking at fourteen different long sleeve bicycle jerseys that are 50% or more off. One is 78% off and one is 70% off.

I get a real kick out of long sleeve bicycle jerseys, because some of the most clever ingenuity is engineered into them. After-all, it’s a real challenge to keep a cyclist warm in the winter when that cyclist is generating his own bone aching wind-chill factor.

These are some jerseys that have wind-proofing in the front but not the back. Some have different weight materials in different parts of the jersey, some have wicking fabrics, and others have pseudo-sexy sounding fabrics like Xenon, Terravent, UltraSensor, and MicroDry.

Not to give away too many family secrets, but things really seem to heat up at the house here when I start inserting words like ‘MicroDry’, ‘Terravent’, or ‘Xenon’ into the conversation.

But enough of the silly talk…

Don’t Make The Mistake I Did

When I first started riding a few years ago, I went out and bought a jersey that cost about $49.00. It was made of some kind of primitive nylon material, not unlike my high school cross-country racing singlet that was ‘cutting edge’ in 1974.

I’ve barely worn the thing since I got my second bicycling jersey.

What I should have done was spent the $49.00 on a well thought-out $199.99 European jersey (I know…the retail price is ridiculous, but the discounted price is great!). Or maybe I should have bought two $89.00 jerseys for $24.99 each.

Whatever…the discount bicycle jersey deals are out there to be had.

Save On A Discount Bicycle Jersey at Bike Nashbar.

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