Buy A Bicycle Jersey On Sale, But Know This First!

bicycle jerseyThere’s a lot of funky clothing in cycling. But it’s the bicycle jersey that lets cyclists really express themselves. Just look at that guy in the polka dots. That’s even more expression than the loudest golfer!

Of course he’s expressing that he’s the best climber in the Tour de France!

But, besides the fact that a bicycle jersey allows you to impersonate a billboard, what else should you be looking for?

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Proper Fit Of The ‘On Sale’ Bicycle Jersey

It’s all about wind resistance, so you better get used to the fact that your bicycle jersey will fit tighter than what you may be used to.

I read one review that talked about the cycling jersey fitting tightly because cyclists tend to have massive legs and skinny bodies and arms.

Here’s how I see it… If you’ve been cycling long enough to get massive legs and skinny arms you’d know enough about cycling to not be reading this drivel.

However, if you’re relatively new to cycling, and still reading along, it’s likely that you’re trying to rid yourself of a massive abdomen while you work to enlarge your pencil legs. I saw one supplier who offers jerseys in an ‘American’ cut. Hmm…

When you ride a road bike, you won’t be sitting upright like on a unicycle so your bicycle jersey will be cut differently than a street shirt. Longer in the back, it covers you just right when you assume the aggressive forward posture of a cycling road warrior.

If cycling jerseys weren’t longer in the back, you’d be flashing that tattoo you had stenciled above your butt crack.

An Upgrade In Materials…Even In Discount And Sale Bike Jerseys

It’d take a lot of space and typing to cover the plethora of man-made materials available. Instead of naming them one by one (an impossible task), let’s talk about what they hope to accomplish.

To a tea, the bicycle jersey manufacturers emphasize the ability of the fabric to wick moisture away from the body. The debate rages on as to who’s come up with the fabric that best excels in transferring your sweat away from your skin, you sweaty pig.

Wool cycling jerseys are making a comeback. If you’ve read my homepage you’ll remember me relating a conversation I had on the slopes of Mount Shasta regarding stinking jerseys.

My friend was saying that he hadn’t washed his wool bicycle jersey in over ten rides and it still didn’t stink.

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As an aside, it’s a good thing they don’t have to be washed as frequently, since wool jerseys are more difficult to launder. One slip-up and you’ll be wrapping it up as a Christmas gift for your five year old nephew.

Back to the business at hand… wool cycling jerseys. Further conversation with my friend chronicled the introduction of synthetics into the mountaineering world. Sure enough, one of the raps on the early man-made materials when comparing them to wool was how bad a climber stunk in a relatively short period of time.

I’m sure that the reemergence of wool cycling jerseys results from more than the body odor issue that I’ve droned on about way too long. It mirrors a trend in our society to like retro thingies. Wool is tried and true. You may want to give it a try.

I’ve even found a site at that claims to offer a wool bicycle jersey that is knit in such a way that it can be machine washed and tumbled dry on the cool temperature.

Have Fun With Your Cycling Jersey…Turn Yourself Into A Two Wheeled Billboard

You can have a little fun with all the wild and crazy patterns which come in eye-popping colors. Besides, you can always justify your Caribbean look by rightfully noting that your biking jersey increases visibility in the eyes of your mortal enemy- the AUTOMOBILIST.

Some More Features To Look For In A Sale Cycling Jersey

Most bicycle jerseys come with a front zipper. Short zippers let the cyclist show off his chest hair, citing the need for additional cooling. Long zippers allow the rider to show off the hair around his navel. He’s left to his own cleverness to come up with an excuse to justify such brazen behavior.

Almost all bicycle jerseys have three pockets on the back. One of the few benefits of spending hours crouched over in your Chiropractor’s best practice-building posture is the fact that you can stuff these back pockets full. Presto, the items stay right where you put them and provided they’re soft, they aren’t uncomfortable at all.

So, I’ve written on and on about very little. But now you may know a few more facts about bicycle jerseys. Time to start looking for those Batman cycling jerseys, Grateful Dead cycling jerseys, T Mobile cycling jerseys, and even those ole wool cycling jerseys.

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