CycleOps Rollers Review- Choose Properly To Not Lose Money!

I’m sure you want to know the pros and cons of the CycleOps rollers. After a LOT of researching (specs, customer raves and rants, features, and benefits), here’s what I’ve found out.

About the reviewer: Ron Fritzke is a cycling product reviewer with a passion for ‘all things cycling’. A former 2:17 marathoner, he now directs his competitive efforts toward racing his bike…and looking for good cycling products.

Product Quality 05 Noise Level 4.5
Roller Stability 4.5 Economical 04
Overall Rating 4.5


If you spend very much time online researching CycleOps rollers, like I’ve been doing…you get a bit tired of hearing how rollers help with your bike handling skills, your pedaling efficiency, your balance, and your ability to ride in a straight line (love that one).

I’m not debating any of that…it’s just that I’m already sold on the benefits of riding on rollers…I want to know what’s good or bad about the CycleOps rollers!

There Are Three CycleOps Rollers Models

It always helps to get an overview of a product and all of its variations. In the case of CycleOps rollers there are three models.

  1. The least expensive is the model with the 3.5″ PVC rollers.
  2. The more expensive model is the one made with 3.25″ precision-lathed aluminum rollers.
  3. And if you add on the magnetic resistance bar to the aluminum roller model you have the premium model.

Let’s Start At The Bottom…The Foundation, That Is!

CycleOps rollers reviewThe frame on all of the models is bi-fold tubular steel which you can be assured is plenty stout. If you’re worrying about the frame bending or kinking, don’t lose any sleep. Additionally the fact that the frame is flat makes it easier to step onto or off of.

One dude reported, “I was worried about them supporting my weight, as I’m a larger guy”.

I’m assuming that since he was able to write a review, the frame didn’t collapse and restrict his ability to report his satisfaction with the sturdiness of the unit. I’m not sure what ‘larger guy’ means, since all of us are larger than something or someone else :-).

The CycleOps rollers frame folds in half, which is great for storage. When you fold up rollers, one of the nice things is that they have a very small ‘footprint’. When they’re standing upright in your garage, waiting for you to get up some ambition, rollers doesn’t take up very much room. That way you can store a lot of other things next to them that you aren’t using…but should be. And if you’ve already exhausted the floor space in your garage, the unit hangs nicely from the rafters.

Under the steel frame are six rubber foot pads which grip the floor well enough to keep the rollers from slowly migrating around the room. You’ll have enough fun balancing on the rascals without them moving around on you.

The base is 16″ wide, which is important when you’re first getting used to them, since you’ll need some lateral ‘wiggle room’ until you can hold that pencil thin line in the middle of your new CycleOps rollers. And the frame is touted to have the lowest profile on the market should you be prone to nosebleeds or suffer from acrophobia (height-o-phobia for any readers who aren’t current on their phobias).

Cyc leOps aluminum rollersThe belt that drives the rollers is adjustable to either the right or left side, in case you’re more skilled mounting your bike on one side than the other.

In order to fit your particular bike to the rollers you’ll have to adjust the rollers fore or aft which is easily accomplished without using any tools. One customer recommended the company change the front adjusting knobs to something other than plastic since his knob broke when he rode off the trainer.

Don’t laugh…you may find yourself riding away from your rollers someday too.

And before we move away from the issue of the frame, I’ll offer this quote from a user…

“it seems extremely well-built, and durable. Oh, another plus is that it’s made in the USA!”.

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A Word About PVC vs Aluminum Rollers

The least expensive CycleOps rollers model comes with 3.5″ PVC rollers.

The diameter of the rollers is actually significant since very small rollers offer a lot more resistance than do very large rollers. This whole issue of roller size is haughty debated among roller snobs connoisseurs.

But whether it’s the 3.5″ PVC rollers or the 3.25″ aluminum rollers, rest assured that they’re in the middle of the ‘roller size’ spectrum and provide a good balance between providing an adequate workout and not being too difficult to navigate (with smaller rollers there is less tire touching the rollers…resulting in more instability).

The PVC rollers are for indoor use only since they’re vulnerable to heat and the UV rays of sunlight, while the CycleOps rollers with aluminum rollers are appropriate for indoor or outdoor use. You may be wondering why you’d ever take your rollers outside (after all, isn’t the object of roller to be able to ride when the weather’s poor outside).

But all it takes is going to a few races to witness several of the more crafty riders psyching out their opponents before the race, showing off their roller-riding skill set during their warm-up.

The CycleOps Company Is All About Quality

There are a few manufacturers in the bike business who are universally known for their quality and customer satisfaction. CycleOps is one of them.

Of course they offer a lifetime warranty on their aluminum rollers, but as a demonstration of their commitment to customer satisfaction…they’re the only company that offers a lifetime guarantee on their PVC rollers as well.

Sealed Bearings Aren’t Standard On Cheaper Rollers

CycleOps rollers come with truly sealed bearings. Some cheaper rollers only have ‘caged’ bearings which makes them vulnerable to moisture, dust, and even carpet fibers. CycleOps bearings are truly sealed with high quality rubber seals on both sides of the bearing.

If You Need More Resistance

The aluminum CycleOps roller diameter size is a good compromise between stability and effort. Should you need more resistance, you can purchase your CycleOps rollers with an added resistance unit… or you can add the unit to your rollers later.

CycleOps uses a unique patent-pending resistance design that has zero moving parts and provides five levels of quiet magnetic resistance.

As you can see from the picture, we’re talking about a magnetic bar that works within the magnetic field of the rolling aluminum rear drum. You increase or decrease the effort by moving the ‘mag bar’ closer or further away from the rear roller. There’s no additional noise because there’s nothing touching the drum.

I don’t know how a magnet has an effect on an aluminum drum, but if it didn’t work there’d be a lot of dissatisfied owners howling.

And I read only silence on this issue.

If you’d like to emphasize effort without having to balance on your rollers, you can buy the front fork stand. Attaching your bike to the front fork stand will free you from having to do finesse riding on the rollers, allowing you to concentrate only on beastly riding.

Expense Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

It’s interesting to read the responses to the pricing of these rollers. A few customers complained of their cost, while others reported them to be ‘great for the money’. One guy was more verbose, reporting

‘given the price point of the CycleOps rollers, I think these are an excellent value’.

The CycleOps rollers sell for between $179.00 for the PVC model to $321.00 for the aluminum model with the resistance unit. I’ve found that the best pricing is at Amazon. When you combine their discounted pricing, their ‘trust’ factor, and their speed of shipping (sometimes free), I don’t think you can go wrong with Amazon.

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CycleOps Rollers Are For Cyclists Who-

  • Are looking for an ‘added’ challenge in home training.
  • Want a set of quality rollers made by a top-tiered cycling gear company.
  • Are willing to spend a few extra bucks for rollers with a lifetime warranty
The Good
  1. Solid, sturdy steel frame.
  2. Frame folds in half for easy storage and transport.
  3. Rubber legs to keep rollers ‘planted’ to the floor.
  4. 16″ wide to accommodate ‘less-than-stellar’ bike roller riding skills. 🙂
  5. Belt can be changed to either side.
  6. Easily adjusts to any wheelbase without tools.
  7. Available with either PVC or aluminum rollers.
  8. Truly sealed bearings.
  9. Lifetime warranty.
  10. Unique resistance unit to add resistance without contacting the rollers and without added noise.
The Bad
  1. Not as cheap as entry level rollers.
  2. PVC roller units are limited to indoor riding.

What Others Are Saying-

Tried a trainer for a year and then a stationary bike…didn’t enjoy either one. The CycleOps rollers are great…simulates real world biking better than the first two choices…
-G. Ozzimo- {review edited for brevity. Original review available here.}

I think the reviews are accurate regarding the quality of these rollers. Given the price point of the CycleOps rollers, I think these are an excellent value…
-sethat- {review edited for brevity. Original review available here.}

===>CycleOps Rollers Available on Amazon here. <===

Cycleops Rollers
The solid steel frame construction, extra wide stance, and six floor contact points allow you to ride with confidence and get on and off your bike easily. CycleOps precision roller drums make for a smooth and quiet ride, while the bi-fold design makes for easy storage and transport.
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CycleOps rollers review

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  1. Ron Fritzke says:

    That’s a hard one to answer…do the rollers move easily when the bike is off the rollers?

  2. Sharon W says:

    I set up the aluminum roller unit exactly as directed – but when sit on my bike (a 12-speed vintage Trek) on the rollers, I can’t pedal hard enough to make the rollers move! What am I doing wrong?

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