CycleOps Wind Trainer Review- Too Loud Or Just Whiners?

CycleOps wind trainer
When speaking of the CycleOps Wind Trainer, some people just can’t seem to get around the noise issue.

Made by a reputable company, simplicity of design, good workmanship, economical…none of that matters to them. It’s all about noise.

But is there a bigger picture?

Of course there is…how about quality, realistic feel, value spent for the dollar, and the company that stands behind this entry level trainer?

Read on, and I’ll explain a bit of it.

About the reviewer: Ron Fritzke is a cycling product reviewer with a passion for ‘all things cycling’. A former 2:17 marathoner, he now directs his competitive efforts toward racing his bike…and looking for good cycling products.
Product Quality 05 Noise Level 03
Realistic Feel 03 Economical 05
Overall Rating 04

In short, the CycleOps Wind Trainer is a well made product, put out by one of the top notch companies in the industry. It’s appropriate for a cyclist who wants to stay in shape without having to spend the money that a mag or fluid trainer costs.

The noise level is on the high side, although there are those who argue that the noise isn’t too bad.

Fluid trainers by CycleOps and Kurt Kinetic offer resistance that increases exponentially (as does wind resistance when riding outdoors). The resistance that a wind trainer provides is linear, so the ride isn’t particularly ‘realistic’. The trainer does provide consistent resistance for an adequate workout.

The flywheel on the CycleOps wind trainer smooths out the ride to make it more realistic, but it isn’t the same as the resistance provided by more expensive trainers.

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The Good
  1. The simplicity of the Cycleops wind trainer means that there are fewer parts to fail.
  2. The Cycleops wind trainer is manufactured by a high quality company, known to stand behind their products.
  3. The Cycleops wind trainer has a ‘Vortex’ blade design to create as much resistance as is possible with a wind trainer with as little noise as is possible.
  4. Die-cast zinc blades on the Cycleops wind trainer double as a flywheel to smooth out the resistance, creating a more realistic ride.
  5. The Cycleops wind trainer is a low-cost way to maintain fitness during the ‘off season’.
  6. The Cycleops wind trainer uses the same sturdy frame that is common to all of their trainers.
  7. Includes a training video for your CycleOps wind trainer.
The Bad
  1. May be too noisy for some people.
  2. May not produce enough resistance for advanced riders.

This Short Video Covers The Different Trainers In The CycleOps Lineup

The CycleOps Wind Bicycle Trainer Is For:

  1. Entry level to mid-level riders who want to ride indoors without ‘breaking the bank’.
  2. Riders wanting a simple machine…less likely to have problems.
  3. Cyclists not bothered by some additional noise.

What Others Are Saying About The CycleOps Wind Trainer

The Cycleops Wind Trainer’s well made and provides a good workout with progressive resistance…yes, it’s noisier than a fluid trainer, but not a whole lot more noisy than my old mag trainer. Simpler is better is true…won’t leak like a fluid trainer.
Doug– {review edited for brevity. Read the original review here}

The Cycleops wind trainer is fluid and has a rhythmic feel when compared to other ‘choppy’ models I tried. It makes a fair amount of noise, but it isn’t a ear piercing squeak…it’s a wind sound, like that produced by a fan.
Justin– {review edited for brevity. Read the original review here}

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Cycleops Wind Indoor Bike Trainer
Offered at a reasonable price-point, the CycleOps Wind Trainer features a vortex blade design that utilizes wind to create a wide range of progressive resistance that produces very little noise.
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CycleOps wind trainer to homepage.
CycleOps wind trainer

One Response to CycleOps Wind Trainer Review- Too Loud Or Just Whiners?

  1. Craig MacIntyre says:

    Ron, I think most of the review is accurate but I would suggest the following.
    1. The wind trainer has exponential resistance – you can even download a load graph from Cycleops showing velocity/power mapping.
    2. The wind trainer, at 30mph, is loaded at 600+ watts. Not enough for sprint training but more than any but the very expensive ($600+) trainers out there.

    CycleOps (and most other manufacturers) mag trainers are linear and do have the same load ability as the wind trainer.


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