The Bike Roof Rack – Cheap Advertising For Your Stylish Bike

bike roof rackMany a bike roof rack will keep me entertained on those long trips down I-5 here in California. Rice fields don’t do it for me and almond orchards lull me to sleep. But let there appear a bike in a roof rack on the horizon, and I’m wide awake.

It’s a great way to see what high end bikes are passing you on the highway. There’s nothing stealthy about a bike on the top of a car.

It’s also an unsurpassed way to show off your big time bike.

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What’s The Bike Roof Rack Attraction?

Until recently, a bike roof rack like the Thule roof rack and the Yakima roof rack were some of the few options for high end bikes. This was because trunk racks and hitch racks hung the bikes from their top bars.

Once carbon frames costing thousands of dollars became the norm, ‘hanging from the top bar’ was no longer an option.

I have a Thule model that graps the down tube of my bike, but that defeats the advantage of not having something touching the frame. It also allows the bike to move too much for my liking.

bike roof rackThe front wheel stays on with this style so you don’t have to find a place in the car to carry the wheel. On the other hand, the bike has a higher profile. This can be a concern when you’re fighting a crosswind or trying to pass a car at NASCAR speeds.

Speaking of wind, some cyclists are even taking the saddle off their bikes to cut down on wind resistance.

Fork clamp roof racks hold the bike securely by the front fork while keeping the rear wheel in a tray. The yakimaforkclampfront wheel has to be transported in the car, which can be a pain.

This last week-end I had my bike in a Yakima roof rack and I was very impressed with how sturdy the fork clamp was. The bike wouldn’t move a millimeter, which was very different than the wobbly style I was used to.

There was some very stout metal in that Yakima clamp and the lock was strong enough to deter a criminal for several minutes. At least for as long as the car’s ignition or door locks would.

Now there’s an idea. The two bikes on top of the car were worth more than the car, so why not hot wire the car and take it along with the bikes as a sort of bonus for the effort?

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A Bike Roof Rack On MY Car?

Something else to consider is just how appropriate it is to put a bike roof rack on your vehicle in the first place. It’s a no brainer for a SUV or cross-over since it probably already has a roof rack on it. Even most Subarus (the SUV for the environmentally astute) have a roof rack. Adding the ‘bike roof rack’ to one of these cars is not a big issue.

However, an eco-prideful Prius owner would be loath to put such a mileage consuming device on the roof.

Beyond the miles per gallon issue, high end cars like Jags or Mercedes Coupes won’t be accepting a bike roof rack without a well deserved fight.

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