Cycling Aero Helmets

cycling aero helmetSo now I’ve begun wearing one those of those pointy cycling aero helmets. What a difference two years makes.

A couple of years ago I thought I’d get into racing and now…presto, two years later I’ve got a ridiculously good-looking Bell Meteor II helmet pinching the crap out of my ears.

What’s To Know About Aero Helmets?

How About Some Ramblings…

Maybe it’s better to not buy one used off of e-bay. I was pretty happy with myself when I got a Bell Meteor II aero helmet from there.

That was until I put the monster on my head. There had been some debate as to the correct size. It seems that my coconut is right between a medium and a large.

I’ll Show My Wife A Thing Or Two

My wife has made fun of my rather large cranium for years now. If I didn’t think that everything else about me was superb, I may have suffered from an inferiority complex. But this was my chance to show her that my head was not large, but merely medium.

But when I got the aero helmet on, I immediately began to wonder if I would get cauliflower ears from all the lateral pressure. Man, that aero helmet sure hurts the ears.
So…maybe you should buy a helmet from a place where you can try it on first.

What Else Besides Sizing…Give Me Some Players!

Looks to me that the Giro Advantage 2 is a main player in the world of cycling aero helmets, with a sprinkling of Bell Meteor II’s thrown in. There are a surprising number of Spiuks Kronos in the mix, considering their $230 pricetag.

Some of the time trial riders are using the Specialized cycling aero helmets, but at the time of this writing, I can’t find a place to buy them. Then there are some Louis Garneau Chronos, but these have no covering over the ears. Louis Garneau does offer the Superleggera for over $150.

And then there is the Limar Chrono and the Louis Garneau Rocket and the…

cycling aero helmetThis Aero Helmet Stuff Really Works!

I was wearing my helmet on a ‘dry run’ in training when I turned to look for cars behind me. The wind hitting the helmet on the side almost twisted my neck into torticollis. So being the clever rider that I am, I concluded that there really is a lot of wind to be dealt with by an aero helmet.

You can really feel the wind if you rotate your head to the side even a little bit.

A Back Scratcher

After my first time trial there were about five things to be changed in my positioning on the bike. The pictures also showed that there was change needed in the ‘cycling aero helmet’ positioning world.

I needed to get my aero helmet to sit down closer to my back…essentially to be more of an aero backscratcher.

At first I thought that I’d need to crank my neck back even more and I wasn’t looking forward to that. The aero position was already raising enough trouble with neck strain as it was.

And then an epiphany.

All I really needed was to position the aero helmet so that the front brim was way back near my receding hairline rather than just above my furrowed brow.

Presto, my aero helmet was now scratching my back.

Speaking of backs…if you’re curious about why a time trial tends to hurt your low back, I’ve written pretty extensively about low back pain when cycling on

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Is That A Bee?

So there I am…warming up for the Taleo Racing Benecia Time Trial. A headwind is blowing and wouldn’t you know it- some kind of bee is under my jersey over my left shoulder blade.

Panic! Wait! It isn’t there. Oh, there it is again.

Funniest thing is- it comes and goes with even the slightest head tilt of my aero helmet.

That’s when I knew that the aero helmet really does direct airflow like nobody’s business. If even the slightest head tilt can make a difference between smooth as silk airflow and me thinking a bee’s gotten under my jersey, I know it’s working like a champ.

I also know that I’ll gladly acquire cauliflower ears and mocking wife in my quest for some extra time trial speed using a too tightly fitting aero cycling helmet.

You can see some of the cutting edge aero helmets at Amazon.

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2 Responses to Cycling Aero Helmets

  1. johnny says:

    hi, compete in triathlons and worried about the safety of the TT helmets, what is best road bike helmets and lose on the aerodynamics?
    thanks for your reply back.

    • Ron Fritzke says:

      My Bell aero helmet doesn’t seem to have too much in the way of ‘crushable’ padding in it. It seems more aero than safe.

      I suppose if safety is your greatest concern, you’d best stay with a road helmet. I have seen some new one’s that look to be pretty aero in and of themselves.


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